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Gelbergs Solicitors is based in Islington, London N1 and offers comprehensive legal and commercial advice to companies, employers and employees. Please contact us for an initial chat on 0207 226 0750,


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Inspiring Interns

Inspiring Interns is the country’s leading internship agency. They help companies develop and grow, while creating amazing career opportunities for ambitious young graduates. With five years of success and hundreds of hungry and talented grads at their finger- tips, they’re the ultimate go-to for interns and entry level members of staff for employers.
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About Us

FirstOfficePosterSimply put, we take the hard work out of looking for a new office.
We work with companies large and small, for their first office, main office or head office.
Speak to us and we’ll not only find you offices to match your unique needs, but we’ll give you expert advice on things you should consider around the time of your planned move, and help make the whole process easier.

We’re independent, which means our advice and support is focussed entirely on your needs. It may sound a little cliché but it’s in our best interests to look after your best interests.

For longer term leased office space we provide a bespoke search and consultancy service on a fee basis. Give our team a call to discuss how we can help with your search and move in more detail.

For serviced offices we also advise you speak to us, but alternatively you can use our online search tool and request access to the details of various business centres. Our service for serviced offices is free of charge.  

We look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime please stay social, via Twitter, and Linked and stay connected with us. You can even follow our newsroom by clicking Knowledge Hub, and ‘Follow Office Experts’.

We want you to find your perfect office through us and then to stay in touch. As times change you may outgrow your space again, or simply be looking for something different - we want you to come back to us!

Nick Jones. Managing Director, Office Experts



Office Experts aim to help make your search for office space as easy as possible. Perhaps the easiest way of getting advice from us is to speak to us on the telephone. We’ll work to answer your questions, understand your needs, and then advise on the different options you have.  We accept there may be times when that’s not possible or preferable.

In this area you’ll find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions across three different areas. We hope this answers your questions, if not - feel free to get in touch.

FAQs For Serviced Offices:

A: No, our service is free of charge.

“What’s the catch?”

There is no catch. Once you are successful in finding the right space through us, we earn a fee from the office space provider. This is normal industry practise. Most business centres find the majority of their tenants through brokers like us.

A: We’re independent of any office space providers. Simply put, it’s in our best interest to help you find your ideal office – and that’s the only way we get paid!

We work with a great range of office providers and are kept up-to-date with the latest availability.  We can also support you in negotiations with an office provider.

A: Serviced offices are ideal for companies looking for convenience and flexibility.  Shorter terms are available with a lower capital outlay and the opportunity of a speedy occupancy and exit.

Serviced offices will typically be ready from day one with all the things an office needs like furniture, telephones, IT access and kitchen and reception facilities so all you need to do is plug in and play.

Finally, if you’re someone that needs meeting or conference space, our providers are able to supply excellent packages that are sure to meet your business needs.

A: Simply type your preferred office location (region, town, street name or postcode)  into the search box above, then scroll through the results. Click on any properties you’re interested in to see in more detail.  Click “Add to Favourites” to build a favourites account. Once the list is complete and your details added, click “Submit My Favourites”. We’ll contact you to discuss your search and send you access to your results, as well as any additional recommendations. You can then print or download these at your leisure.

Alternatively just call us on 020 3355 8131and a member of the team will help you.

A Serviced Office is a ‘ready made’ office within a business centre that provides access and use to the typical facilities and services a small to medium sized business needs.

Speed: It’s likely we’ll have something suitable for your needs now or in the very near future.  Many serviced office customers will view a particular office and will then move in within a few days.  As a rule of thumb though – allow 3 to 4 weeks for your search, contract negotiations and a date to move in.  If your requirements are more demanding, this can take considerably longer.

Flexibility of tenure: Serviced Offices are rented, with contracts often based on months rather than leased for years. Clients can negotiate much more flexible terms as a result.

Flexibility of size. Not sure if or when your company will change in size? No problem, a business centre will often find a client an office with more/less space and at short notice.  When you think about it, staying in the same location whilst growing offers many efficiencies.

Low start-up costs
Most business centres will provide offices with all the furniture and facilities they need, so you don’t have to buy things up-front like desks, chairs, telephones, kitchen equipment etc. Lower costs and less hassle too.

Convenience and time saving
Business centres ensure that those time consuming non-core business activities are taken care of for you, like the cleaning, stocking kitchens, managing the meeting rooms and reception desk. This leaves your business is free to focus on exactly that, your business.

Many business centres try to work to a minimum contract length of 6 months, but with some centres this is negotiable. They may be prepared to contract on a monthly rolling basis. This will depend on the Operator of the business centre, as well as the centres current availability. Some will be willing to rent a meeting room for an hour, an office for a few weeks or a conference facility by the day. Got a centre in mind? Speak to us about it, we will often know their availability and their preferred way of working.

Clients will often be charged a rental price per workstation (per desk space) per month. However some centres price by floor size, or a particular room rate. Size allocations will vary, but a general rule of thumb is to allow 7 square metres per workstation. Other notable charges are likely to include telephony, internet and parking as well as meeting room use.  Cleaning, kitchen and reception services are normally included within your rental fee.

There can be. Some operators are more likely to do this than others.  Many operators will clearly charge for internet, telephony, parking and meeting rooms.  However some may add cleaning costs or pollution levy’s or administration fees that you need to watch out for.

A business centre will often ask for 1 or 2 month’s rent upfront and a similar deposit. These terms will be more flexible with some providers than others – so feel free to ask us about our experience with any particular operator.
Payment terms vary significantly from operator to operator.  Many will ask for a rental fee one month in advance, whilst billing you for ‘additional costs’ the month after they were incurred.  They may request payment within 14 to 31 days.

A number of reasons. First, we provide you with a choice of business centres that enables you to compare and evaluate them against each other.
Second, we have knowledge and experience in working with business centres that will help you to stay ahead in negotiations, and avoid unnecessary problems such as hidden charges or being tied in to a contract. Sometimes our knowledge is based on direct experience of visiting that specific business centre and working with their in house team. All this is useful in determining whether you should choose to move to that space, and on what grounds to negotiate the move.
We do not charge you for our service. In fact, business centres find the majority of their tenants through brokers. They will pay us an introduction fee for doing so.

It’s more than just choice. We strive to be different – to be the experts.  We really take the time to get to know our market which means you (the customer) and our clients.  
Our role is much more to us than just matching clients with office spaces.  As well as building a thorough understanding of our customers needs and wants, we get to know the culture of the centres and the people working within them.
Office brokerage is a competitive market. By differentiating ourselves in this way we like to think that business centre managers view Office Experts differently, that they open our emails first, return our calls before others, and prioritise our customers needs before those of others. With all this in our favour, why would you want to use anyone else?

We’d advise against it in the first instance.  Find a broker with a good selection of properties that you may be interested in. Spend some time with them clarifying your needs and wants.  Allow them to provide you with a few other options you may not have considered.  If you think they haven’t understood your needs properly, or cannot provide you with the choice you need – then move on and register with another.
At Office Experts, we’d ask that you give us a few days grace on your requirements. Allow us to find a great choice of properties for you – and guide your through the process from there.

Think in number of workstations (desks.) The approximate area per desk will vary, but a general rule of thumb is to allow 7 square metres per workstation.  Some offices may contain considerably more or less because of their layout or location.

If you are a team of three but expecting the office to grow to ten people in six months, do you really need a ten person office now?  Some of our providers will be able to match you to a location that can grow with your business – rather than financially hamper it.

Consider the home locations of your existing employees and the possible labour skills in the local area and within easy reach.  Think about transport links, proximity to customers and suppliers etc.  Budget will often be a deciding factor.  Prices for premium office space in Central London will often be double or triple the price of similar space outside of London.

That’s hard for us to advise. But it is important to review your budget.  Is it right? Have you considered all the relevant costs?  We can provide you with a budget planner that will help you.

We can do that for you. We’ll match your availability with that of the centre manager/s and provide you with all the relevant information to get there. If like many of our customers your time is limited, we can organise a number of visits on the same day and at times to suit you.  We recognise your time is valuable. On occasion we may advise you do not visit a particular property if we know from experience it won’t suit your needs or expectations.

We’ll help you through the next steps – depending on the level of support you need.  We can communicate with the centre manager to ensure the office is reserved for you whilst you go through the contracting process.  Whilst we can’t legally advise you on a particular contract, we are happy to give you a heads up on things to look out for.

The majority of serviced office providers will not allow you to sublet a given office.  However, they may be able to provide you with the option to move to a smaller office should the need arise.

Yes, office providers will be happy to receive and post mail from day one of your tenancy.  Many will allow you to post and receive large packages from a manned reception.  It’s best to check key allowances with the centre direct.

Potentially.  Your environmental impact is very much your responsibility. However, serviced office companies do have dedicated recycling bins and registered waste carriers. Some may have highly energy efficient buildings with good insulation and energy efficient heating, lighting and glazing.

Typically yes.  Many business centres are setup to greet guests at reception on arrival, to provide parking, meeting and conference facilities for the use of their customers.  Availability of and charging for services like meeting rooms and parking will vary from site to site. It’s worth checking with one of our advisors if you think your needs may require something a little unusual.

Levels of hospitality will vary significantly by operator. The majority will provide free tea and coffee facilities (including fresh milk and washing up facilities.)  Hospitality for large meetings can often be booked via the operator’s login page or via reception. Some will have snack outlet or cafes with menu options that will impress the most discerning customer or client. Smaller operators may advise of local hospitality companies for a more personal service.

Security at serviced office business centres is generally very good.  Most will require key or security card entry and will operate CCTV. Some will have 24hr manned reception or security desks.  From an information security perspective, service can vary significantly. Larger chain operators may have their own secure server rooms with data hosted securely within UK or European based data centres.  Often though, the client will need to make their own IT arrangements. It’s best to ask one of our advisors if you have particular needs in this area– it may be that we can recommend a particular business centre or IT supplier to meet your needs.

Coming soon:
FAQ’s For Un-Serviced Offices
FAQ’s for Operators

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You will receive an email now to confirm this and explain one of our team will try to contact you to discuss your search. Sometimes these emails go to junk or spam folders, so please check.

You will be sent access to these properties details after a call with us, or via email if we can’t contact you.

You may also receive calls from representatives at the business centres you have shown interest in.  

If you wish to contact us please call 020 3355 8131

What if I Need Help?

“What if I need help?”

A: Call us, or Request a call back.  We appreciate that not everyone’s needs are the same. We’re happy to talk through your requirements and do the searching for you.

We can even support you in relation to negotiations and point you in the direction of the most flexible or cost efficient business centres, in the area that’s right for you.

Simply call us on 020 3355 8131

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